"When I met Jamie I could barely do a push-up. Now, I can do more than 30 on a Bosu Ball!"
- Caty, marathon runner
   and go-getter



As touched upon earlier, there is more than one way to train, and there are many different goals that drive people in fitness. 32Fitness wants its clients to obtain their desires and feel the rewards of personal success. Ask YOURSELF what YOUR health ambitions are and 32fitness can help YOU see them through.

32Fitness offers personalized fitness training programs that are built around each individuals specific goals, history, and experience, all of which include emphasis on resistance training, cardio training, and/or nutrition. Also, form, technique, and posture are highly significant aspects of training that will be highlighted and taught.

weight loss and one on one personal training 

32Fitness has much experience and success in helping individuals achieve weight loss goals for it is a common need. Weight loss programs include a resistance routine, cardio set-up, and nutrition consulting based around the individual, all of which play vital roles in obtaining successful and long sustaining fat loss. YOU will be taught to lose body fat the proper way without the influence of 'dieting' and starvation, or over exertion in workouts. YOU will learn a 'healthy way of living' which allows room to enjoy food and physical activity as a way of life rather than something temporary or miserable. Prices are grouped in each package accordingly: 4 for $300 ($75 per session), 8 for $520 ($65 per session), and 12 at $660 ($55 per session). Each package includes an online nutrition program, and cardio plan (nutrition and cardio plans here are not inclusive to gift coupons or coupons purchased for 32Fitness through outside companies). Each session is 1hr.  Contact 32Fitness for YOUR free training session and consultation! Training sessions and consultations are done by appointment only.

nutrition consulting and personal grocery shopping
Nutrition is a very vital part of not only one's fitness life, but for a healthy life in general. In a time where processed foods are so easily pursued, obesity, diabetes, and chronic diseases have become an epidemic. Also, the strong desire to achieve weight loss rapidly has led to the marketing of many depravating diet plans and weight loss pills. These 'fad' diets only lead to rapid weight gain after the diet is through leaving the individual in an even more unhealthy state as before (the same unhealthy promotions remain true for those advertising diets and pills to gain more muscle). 32Fitness wants to teach YOU that YOU do not have to deprive YOURSELF of good foods and be miserable in order to get the results YOU want. Guidance and consulting on the proper ways of nutrition is offered here and include:
  • Good foods and bad foods
  • The balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats
  • Nutrition management for people on the go
  • Dining Out
  • Healthy Recipes
With the support of our online menu's (based around each specific individual) as well as the accompaniment of virtual training (for those who do not live near our studio and/or are not working in person with a trainer) take the time to learn just exactly what it is YOUR body needs in nutrition in order to maintain a healthy, balanced life and to get the results that you want. Nutrition Consulting programs include 4, 1hr consulting sessions for $225. Sign up for a nutrition consulting program, today!

also offers Personal Grocery Shopping trips with YOUR trainer to the grocery store to help teach YOU how to shop for the healthy foods that YOU enjoy (cost varies and are discussed according to individual need and location). Contact 32Fitness for YOUR
free initial consultation. Consultations are done by appointment only.

buddy training and small group  training  
Looking to train with a buddy or group? Or wouldn't even mind meeting a new friend? Buddy training and small group training offers all of the essential goods that a solo training program offers with the added bonus of camaraderie. Training with a peer can be a very encouraging and supportive experience, as well as a good way to save a buck. And, no, YOU do not need to have the same level of experience or goal as your peer; leave it to your trainer to cater to nonequivalent experiences, goals, and levels. So, find a friend!...or two!...or three!...or five! Buddy training sessions hold 2 people at $95 per 1hr session. Small group training sessions hold 3 to 8 people at $190 for an 8 session package (each session is also 1hr) . Buddy Training also comes with an online nutrition plan, and cardio plan (nutrition and cardio plans here are not inclusive to gift coupons or coupons purchased for 32Fitness through outside companies). Small Group Training does not come with nutrition and cardio planContact 32Fitness for YOUR free initial buddy or small group training consultation and session! Buddy and small group training sessions are done by appointment only. 


outdoor park training, other services 

If YOU are interested in increasing YOUR cardiovascular and strength levels while increasing YOUR 'calories burned' all in the same setting, our outdoor group training at the park is for YOU. Work on total body resistance as well as improve your endurance significantly through 32Fitness' swift paced, outdoor group training. Also, receive the benefits of camaraderie from the support of a group of people going through the same fitness experience. All ages and fitness levels can mix (prices fall under Small Group Training prices)! Please call and ask about session times for they vary, and are set.

If you're simply looking for basic strength training and knowledge of proper form,
32Fitness can cater to this solely (prices fall under one on one personal training prices).


Figure competing and Bikini competing for women is something that is also offered at 32Fitness. With a background of training with various figure and bikini competitors, Jamie Pettis also has an NPC Competition behind her belt. If an incredibly hard challenge is desired, to be shredded from head to toe, and to compete in a women's Figure or Bikin category, this commitment is the way to go (prices fall under one on one personal training prices).
But be warned! This is not for the faint at heart!
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