"Jamie's relentless nature has driven me to do things I never would have attempted myself."
-Suzy, fitness owner and


32Fitness thrives in Phoenix, AZ and is driven by Jamie Pettis, a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. With this certification Jamie is scientifically educated in the field of functional training helping individuals with weight loss goals, basic strength goals, or even bodybuilding goals. Jamie is also a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist through the same academy as well as Boot Camp certified which enables her to train athletes or those who seek plyometrics and/or boot camp.

Before becoming a professional in the training business, Jamie spent many years focused on basketball and softball, as well as figure competing. During this time, Jamie was also receiving individualized personal training programs from other professionals in resistance, cardiovascular endurance, and plyometrics, to better enhance her skills.

Jamie has lived and experienced what she teaches, and continues to build upon that experience today.
"Own Your Body, Find Your Freedom" is the mission statement for 32Fitness. Whatever a client desires in fitness, we want to show that individual the freedom that can be achieved within their mind and body from reaching their fitness goals.

Making physical health changes can seem overwhelming and unattainable. Often times people start then stop telling themselves that it's too hard, and too far away from where they want to be leaving themselves 'stuck' and without hope. The truth of the matter is that one is almost never 'stuck'. We are not stuck in a job, we are not stuck in a relationship, and unless for very physically ailing reasons, we are not 'stuck' in a dream of what we wish we could be physically and in health. If we want to make a change in life, we simply must act towards it. All it takes is a little time, patience, and education. With this said, these realizations are actually how the 32Fitness name and foundation were brought about. 

The driving force and head trainer of 32Fitness, Jamie Pettis,
found herself at a place in life that she no longer wished to be for many months. She knew she loved to train and desired to help people achieve their fitness goals, but with where she was at, this love and desire were not being utilized to their fullest.

For many months she sat and waited trying to make changes in her current situation hoping things would look up so that she would not have to leave the 'safety' of what she already knew, and face the fear and risk of doing something she better longed for in life. This only led to internal dis-satisfaction for Jamie was not truly happy within, and was left feeling 'stuck'.

"One day I finally realized that I cannot go through life lingering in the dream of being somewhere else, and longing for something better. So, after many months of stress and thought, I decided to make a change; I decided to start my own fitness business. I really wanted to give of myself what I believe people truly want, and that is belief in themselves that they can change," explains Jamie.

Within a short matter of time of making this decision, 32Fitness was created and on the 32nd birthday of Jamie Pettis. "People ask me what the '32' stands for, and I tell them that the business began its name and journey on my 32nd birthday. I usually get an uninspired look from the individual when I say this, but I really want people to know that it's bigger than the birthday number. It's about the change I created in my life from such a big realization, and passing on to each client that walks through my door the belief that they can, too, make changes in their life. Everything just coincidentally landed on my 32nd birthday, ha!" laughs Jamie.

There is the how and why of 32Fitness. With this in mind, 32Fitness
 strives in the end to lead our clients with encouragement, accountability, education, and optimism.

It is misunderstood by a vast majority of the population that in order to have a fitness program one must either already be 'big' or 'shredded', or at least seek these goals. It is also misunderstood (and mostly by the ladies) that one will get 'big' or 'shredded' if they are to begin a fitness training program; this is not true either.

The great fact is that every human being needs some sort of fitness training program that meets their goals or requirements on various levels of resistance, cardiovascular endurance, and nutrition. The good news is that this need can be met through the clients preferred goals and desires. In order to live a free and healthy lifestyle, once again this is essential to all human beings. 32Fitness will help individuals find the freedom within their body to feel, look and endure the very best that they desire in fitness and in life!
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